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This course will introduce you to frameworks and tools to measure value both for corporate and personal assets. It will also help you in decision-making
Avionics -
14 Feb 2016

While the airframe and engine technology used in light aircraft hasn't changed much in the last twenty years, their avionics have progressed at lightspeed.
The rapid advance in lightplane electronics will continue, and here's a peek at what you can expect next.

Students should have skills that include an understanding of mathematics, physics, chemistry, electronics, computer science, and mechanical drawing. Grasping the major concepts in these areas will contribute to technicians’ abilities to make quick repairs and understanding of how an aircraft works.

Avionics programs offer a way to begin gaining the three or four years of experience needed to get a job in the aviation industry.

Opportunities in the avionics field won’t be diminishing in the future: “As advancements in the complexity of aircraft continue, the demand for skilled and knowledgeable mechanics will increase. Competition will remain stiff, since the major airlines offer good wages and great travel benefits.” Avionics is a complex, specialized career that is essential to the past, current, and future movements of aircraft technology and avionics technicians are necessary to the safety and efficiency of the aviation industry.

Difference between BE and B.Tech
14 Feb 2016

Difference Between B.E and

Aspirants, who are on the way to engineering, always have a key point in their mind that is “difference between B.E and”. Below mentioned clear description can solve the puzzle that is cooking in aspirants' mind.

Bachelor of Engineering is abbreviated as B.E where as is the abbreviation of Bachelor of Technology. There is no difference between B.E and in terms of scope, course details and career opportunities. B.E program focuses more on theoretical knowledge such as principles, equations, and procedures, through which new ideas, inventions in science can be developed and implemented. is a more practical oriented program than B.E, which is the vital part of the engineering. It boosts aspirants to improve the quality of existing equipments by applying the theory.

In the early days, there was a misconception that the students had more scopes than B.E students. But, to the very frank, the career opportunities and the integrated courses are equivalent in both programs. After the independence of India, we have two types of universities. One set of universities offers the several courses like arts, science, commerce along with engineering and this engineering program is known as B.E. On the other hand, the second set of universities offers only degrees in engineering, and  this engineering program, provided by the second set of universities is called AICTE approved same and equivalent courses for both B.E and

No program is superior than other one. Both programs have equivalent future and scope.

Difference Between M.E and

M.E is abbreviated form of Master of Engineering where as stands for Master of Technology. As similar to the above description, there is no difference between M.E and in terms of scope and opportunities. M.E, known as plain engineering, is knowledge oriented and more theoretical based research which emphasizes on in depth concept of clarification of facts. is skill oriented and more of application engineering that emphasizes on practical exposure of conceptual knowledge.

As mentioned above, two types of universities offer the programs, and those programs are classified as M.E and based on university but both are equivalent. Engineering programs (post graduation), which are offered along with the various degrees such as arts, science, commerce, etc from particular universities, is called M.E where as only engineering programs (post graduation) are offered by certain universities are called Master of Engineering and Master of Technology are nothing but the higher studies after B.E or


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