VITEEE question papers

The VITEEE is a computer-based test that people who want to get into VIT Universitys Bachelor of Technology program have to take. 

VITEEE 2023 Question paper

  • The question papers comprise 40 questions in Biology and Mathematics, 35 questions in physics, 35 questions in chemistry, 5 questions in English, and 10 questions in the aptitude section. 
  • Before taking the VITEEE in 2023, candidates should really study sample question papers, since the test will be given on a computer and online. 
  • On the official website of VIT, students may get VITEEE sample papers for all the available courses. During the time they spend working through the question papers, candidates will have a deeper understanding of time management, the curriculum, and the format of the question papers.

Steps to download VITEEE Answer key 2023

2023 VITEEE sample papers are not available. Authorities will put them on the official VIT website shortly. Candidates may download practice papers to maximize their test scores. Download the VITEEE question paper below. 

Follow these steps to quickly obtain all topic sample papers:

Step 1: Visit the official website of VITEEE

Step 2: Click on the "Sample Papers"link.

Step 3: Download the sample papers in PDF format.

How to challenge the VITEEE Answer Key 2023?

  • VIT University will provide VITEEE 2023 answer keys on its website. Coaching institutions publish unauthorized answer keys. Therefore, candidates may estimate test results using VITEEE 2023 answer keys.
  • The answer key is published prior to the results announcement.
  • All the questions on the VITEEE test will have the right answers on the answer key.
  • Using the answer key, candidates may determine their potential VITEEE test results.
  • When computing their exam marks, candidates must adhere to the prescribed marking method.
  • In order to object to the answer key, candidates will be required to pay an extra charge.
  • Using the VITEEE Answer Key 2023, candidates will estimate their chances of gaining admission based on the marks they are likely to get.

VITEEE 2022 Question Paper and Answer key

The Vellore Institute of Technology in Vellore gives an entrance exam called VITEEE 2022, which is also called the VIT Engineering Entrance Exam, every year to decide who gets into B. Tech. Courses. Every year, about 2 lakh students try to get one of the 5,000 spots in VITs.

VITEEE 2022 Question PaperDOWNLOAD

VITEEE 2021 Question Paper and Answer key

The number of applicants who took the test is the sole factor that may be used to verify their registered cellphone numbers.

VITEEE 2020 Question PaperDOWNLOAD

Benefits of solving the VITEEE previous years questions

  • Solving previous years VITEEE questions and practice papers is beneficial. 
  • The PDF and paper versions of the VITEEE question papers from previous years are a great way to get a feel for the test.
  • Candidates will learn what kinds of questions are used to judge their skills and performance and how hard they are.
  • The aspirants confidence goes up, and they learn how to manage their time better when they go over the question papers from the previous year.
  • Practice VITEEE past question papers to manage time throughout the exam.
  • The questions and sample papers help students understand how the exam is set up and pay attention to the VITEEEs most focused topics.

VITEEE Study Plan

Know Your Syllabus 

Candidates should study the VITEEE 2023 syllabus. Candidates will know which courses, units, and themes to study for the entrance test by knowing the syllabus.  This can assist students in planning their study schedule and determining how much they need to study to pass the test. Knowing the curriculum will also help applicants prepare mentally for how much studying they will have to do to get a good enough score to get in.

Check VITEEE 2023 Exam Pattern

Candidates should review the VITEEE 2023 test pattern and curriculum. Candidates must learn the new VITEEE test pattern due to COVID-19. Candidates will learn how the entrance test will be conducted and how the question paper will be set. Exam pattern includes length, method, marking style, and more. See the VITEEE test pattern below.

Create a Study table 

After going over the VITEEE 2023 curriculum and test pattern, candidates should make a study plan. The schedule should fit the applicants needs and be broken up into time slots for studying different subjects and units. Candidates should switch subjects every day to avoid boredom. A schedule can help candidates prepare for the VITEEE in 2023 and do better on the entrance test.

Mock Tests & Test series

Coaching professionals and past top students say that mock exams are one of the most important parts of exam preparation. Candidates should take practice exams often to gauge their preparedness. The practice tests for the VITEEE 2023 will help candidates find and fix their common mistakes before the real entrance exam. Mock examinations can help students comprehend the exam format.

Prepare self-notes

Candidates should practice taking notes on difficult topics. Regular notes allow applicants to revise them wherever they like. This will also help applicants recall difficult concepts.


Candidates should revise often. Revision helps students remember topics, concepts, and formulas. Candidates should revise daily. This will help students recognize their weaknesses and improve for the admissions test.

Priority to Mental & Physical Health

Candidates should maintain their physical and mental health while studying for the test. Sick applicants are unlikely to pass. Thus, they should eat healthily and rest throughout the preparation. To stay sharp while studying, students should take part in activities outside of school and play brain games that help them focus.